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What is a PIN code?
The Postal Index Number aka PIN code is a 6 digit long code that is used to indicate the precise location of a post office. The first 3 digits indicate the postal circle and region and the remaining digits indicate the exact delivery end post office. Also each post office is further segregated into sub offices is the post code for post office numbering used by the India Post. It a series of number grouped as per postal regions and postal circles defined by the India Post, required for sorting mails.

Did you know?
There are more than 1.5 Lac post office in India.

202520 Pin Code Postal Info

Here are the various post office locations in the pincode of 202520, Budaun. Select the area for which you are looking for information on the postal region, district, taluka, postal circle and postal division. Also for the most updated information and areas contained in the pin code of 202520, please visit the state India Post website listed. Below are some of the top areas which fall under this postal code - Bisauli, Dabtori, Hatsa, Jasrathpur, Khajuria, Mohamadpurmi, Parveznagar, Prithvipur, Tara Pathakpur, Bhanpur.

Pin codeP.O. No.AreaCityPO Type
202520520Pin code of BisauliBudaunSub Post Office
202520520Pin code of DabtoriBudaunBranch Post Office
202520520Pin code of HatsaBudaunBranch Post Office
202520520Pin code of JasrathpurBudaunBranch Post Office
202520520Pin code of KhajuriaBudaunBranch Post Office
202520520Pin code of MohamadpurmiBudaunBranch Post Office
202520520Pin code of ParveznagarBudaunBranch Post Office
202520520Pin code of PrithvipurBudaunBranch Post Office
202520520Pin code of Tara PathakpurBudaunBranch Post Office
202520520Pin code of BhanpurBudaunBranch Post Office

The pincode 202520 was introduced in 1972 as a part of the post office numbering system by India Post. Each digit has a significance in terms of accurately pinpointing the location of each post office. The first digit '2' indicates the region of India, the second digit '0' indicates the sub-region, the third digit '0' indicates the sorting district, and the last three digits '520' indicates the post office.

202520 post code belongs to the city of Budaun and will include multiple areas and neighbourhoods. Also do check out the nearby pincodes to 202520 and the other nearby neighbourhood in case the area that you are looking for actually falls within another postal codes, in this case your post might not reach to the correct post office. Also pls ensure that the pincode is always a 6 digit number.